Facilitation & Team Coaching

High IQ and strong technical skills are no longer sufficient to determine success. Emotional intelligence enables individuals to understand more about themselves and others, improving resilience and encouraging appreciation of difference. These are crucial in the development of high performing teams. I can deliver engaging workshops, facilitate your strategy sessions or provide coaching for you and your team.

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place" George Bernard Shaw


How can coaching help my team?

Coaching within the workplace is ideal if your team/organisation is required to step up – either to drive significant change or to improve communication and effectiveness.

You have a good team already but you know it can be even better. Through coaching, individuals explore their own strengths, development areas and ambitions in a confidential environment. They identify what’s going well, where they’d like to improve and take practical steps to implement changes which enable them to stretch and grow.


How can facilitation help my team?

Facilitation is ideal if you want to shape your team/organisation’s future, encourage creativity and build stronger relationships – particularly in times of significant growth or change.

The workshops help individuals to recognise their own motivations, behaviours and judgements and to acknowledge the impact on themselves and those around them, specifically in times of change. This understanding of self and appreciation of others enables teams to work through challenges and focus how much we can achieve through stronger connections.


What will it cost?

I offer a free consultation meeting to discuss your needs. Workshop prices start at £600.