About Stephanie

My background

I have always been fascinated by change.  After studying Chemistry (described as the science of change!) at University, I spent 14 years in the water and telecoms industries working with directors and senior managers on behavioural and business change. I could see the difference it made when people acknowledged their values and motivations and trusted their feelings and intuition. In 2010 I set up my own coaching business to work with intelligent professionals who want to make a change without sacrificing who they are or what’s most important to them

How I work

Dare to be you

We are generally conditioned to focus on process, logic, facts and figures and to ignore or even distrust emotion, gut instinct and intuition. By ignoring the“fluffy stuff”, we miss out on so much and, when we’re facing significant change, we realise we need to draw on something more. I combine conversation, powerful questions and exercises to help clients rediscover their fullest capabilities.

Who I work with

Get unstuck

I work with intelligent individuals who know they want to make a change but feel stuck. We often begin by talking about work and, because coaching is about the person, we soon expand to discuss wider aspects of their lives. When they acknowledge, and respect their values, motivations and instincts, they can tackle decisions and create the changes they want both in and outside work.

What my clients say

Small change, Big difference

"I found the structured discussions really helped me to work out ways of addressing problems (usually colleagues). The manageable goals worked, but more importantly was the shift in perspective and priority."
Professor, March 2020
"Working with Stephanie allows me to think and work through situations in my career and job role that otherwise I would just allow to take up too much mental and physical time. Having the time with Stephanie allows me to just take the time out and get the perspective needed to be at 100% in my role and career development. It’s a great investment to have a coach on your side but also to ensure that you continue to challenge yourself."
AR, January 2020
"Working with Stephanie provides an extremely useful opportunity to reflect on one's practice and ethos, and to align the two if necessary. It's an enlightening experience, and a very safe one, in skilfully guiding the conversation carefully to moments of real insight and revelation."
Leader, January 2020
"Stephanie really helped me work through problems in a structured way, so that the solutions were generated by me and were therefore doable and authentic. The questions she asked could be challenging - but that's the point of coaching, to move you along in some way and that requires change. Stephanie helped me identify ways I could change myself, which led to changes in others. I can't recommend doing this enough."
Professor, March 2020