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I work with intelligent professionals who want to make a change without sacrificing who they are or what’s important to them. After working with me, clients feel more confident making decisions and are more fully themselves both at work and at home.

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You are successful, intelligent and hard-working. So why does deciding what to do next feel impossible?

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What my clients say

  • KB, Finance Director, Feb 2022
    "I would recommend working with Stephanie to anyone who wants to realise their full potential. Stephanie is intuitive and intelligent, with a compassionate approach. She offers valuable, insightful sessions with learning that can be applied both personally and professionally."
  • PM, Executive Board Member, July 2022
    "Be prepared to expect some searching questions. But you'll come out the other side knowing more about yourself."
  • Claire Hewitson, Copenhagen Business School, April 2021
    "She has wonderful intuition that lets her guide her questioning. She knows when to challenge to get to the heart of the problem and follow up which ensures that every aspect of the doubt and fear you may be thinking has been processed. The session was exactly the turning point I needed to make a big change in my life. Not only that - it left me excited to think about what's beyond that. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephanie - she is one of the best!"
  • AP, Operations Director, May 2022
    "Steph is a very personable coach that helps you manage difficult situations in your career and your work relationships successfully without judgement."
  • SH, Business Development Manager, Mar 2022
    "Stephanie's coaching expertise was really helpful and applicable to my current situation. I was able to reflect, and learn a lot about future opportunities an how they can be best approached."
  • Senior Leader, Higher Education, Oct 2021
    "Thanks Stephanie, it was thought-provoking talking to you, as always, and you have given me some ideas for how to move forwards more positively in my dynamics with senior leadership."
  • Richard, Programme Manager, Sept 2021
    "Stephanie has real-life experience in the corporate world and walks with you on any scenario you want to work on. Being clear will enable the best transformations in your thinking. Amazing experience that I always come away from with greater clarity about myself"
  • Amanda, Senior Manager, Retail, June 2021
    "Definitely do it. Stephanie is very good at helping you work through some of the challenges you maybe facing, picking up on what you don't say as well as what you are saying. I feel a lot more equipped to take my career forward."
  • Susan, Asst. HR Director, May 2021
    "Just do it! Stephanie is a fabulous coach, very skilled at encouraging good thinking; she challenged me as we had agreed, and helped me to really focus on what I wanted."
  • David, M&A Director, May 2021
    "The brilliance of our sessions were that I could always take something from the conversation. It has been a great experience, I have been meaning and and wanting to engage in coaching for a number of years and it was incredibly helpful and rewarding."
  • Jo, Programme Manager, IT, April 2021
    "I would 100% recommend Stephanie as a coach. As somebody that was a bit cynical of the benefits, I am completely converted. Stephanie has great skill in putting you at ease and helping you to open up, whilst coaching you to recognise the solutions yourself. She also offered some great tips how to create space for reflection and moving forward with confidence."
  • Senior Manager, Utilities, April 2021
    "Stephanie reminded me what is important about my work life, what makes me enjoy it and give my best everyday. She has given me back my confidence at work and a renewed vigour to go out and get what makes me happy. Thank you Steph for helping me find my work mojo again!"
  • Diplomat, USA, Feb 2021
    "Stephanie's coaching is gentle and thought-provoking. She's trustworthy and friendly, and I found it incredibly easy to talk to her."
  • Finance Director, Charity sector, Jan 2021
    "I found the sessions really insightful, I've gained a greater understanding of myself, my core values and what's important to me. Understanding yourself helps you understand others in the workplace."
  • Senior Manager, Marketing, December 2020
    "I completed 6 sessions with Stephanie and can honestly say she changed my perspective on my thinking, the way I worked with my team and managed delegating work, positioning myself within the company to be the "marketing expert", she helped me create a work relationship with my director so I had his respect and friendship and more importantly growing in my own confidence and creating my own life 10 year plan"
  • Senior Academic, March 2020
    "Stephanie helped me identify ways I could change myself, which led to changes in others. I can't recommend doing this enough."

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