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  • "Stephanie provides a warm, friendly and encouraging environment to explore yourself on a personal and work basis."
    Finance Director, January 2021
  • "I completed 6 sessions with Stephanie and can honestly say she changed my perspective on my thinking, the way I worked with my team and managed delegating work, positioning myself within the company to be the "marketing expert", she helped me create a work relationship with my director so I had his respect and friendship and more importantly growing in my own confidence and creating my own life 10 year plan"
    Senior Manager, Marketing, December 2020
  • "My time with Steph has really improved my confidence levels across the board. She has helped me to trust in the value I bring to my organisation and to recognise my strengths and play to these."
    Marketing Director, September 2020
  • "She has helped me look at obstacles with fresh eyes and in doing so helped build confidence to stand by the decisions I have made."
    Managing Partner, Law, June 2020
  • "Stephanie helped me identify ways I could change myself, which led to changes in others. I can't recommend doing this enough."
    Senior Academic, March 2020

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