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I work with intelligent professionals who want to make a change without sacrificing who they are or what’s important to them. After working with me, clients feel more confident making decisions and are more fully themselves both at work and at home.

For You

You are successful, intelligent and hard-working. So why does deciding what to do next feel impossible?

Private Coaching

For Your Team

Coaching and facilitation to improve communication, adaptability and get results.

Team Coaching

What my clients say

  • Finance Director, January 2021
    "Stephanie provides a warm, friendly and encouraging environment to explore yourself on a personal and work basis."
  • Senior Manager, Marketing, December 2020
    "I completed 6 sessions with Stephanie and can honestly say she changed my perspective on my thinking, the way I worked with my team and managed delegating work, positioning myself within the company to be the "marketing expert", she helped me create a work relationship with my director so I had his respect and friendship and more importantly growing in my own confidence and creating my own life 10 year plan"
  • Marketing Director, September 2020
    "My time with Steph has really improved my confidence levels across the board. She has helped me to trust in the value I bring to my organisation and to recognise my strengths and play to these."
  • Managing Partner, Law, June 2020
    "She has helped me look at obstacles with fresh eyes and in doing so helped build confidence to stand by the decisions I have made."
  • Senior Academic, March 2020
    "Stephanie helped me identify ways I could change myself, which led to changes in others. I can't recommend doing this enough."

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