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  • "My time with Steph has really improved my confidence levels across the board. She has helped me to trust in the value I bring to my organisation and to recognise my strengths and play to these."
    Marketing Director, September 2020
  • "She has helped me look at obstacles with fresh eyes and in doing so helped build confidence to stand by the decisions I have made."
    Managing Partner, Law, June 2020
  • "Stephanie helped me identify ways I could change myself, which led to changes in others. I can't recommend doing this enough."
    Senior Academic, March 2020
  • "Stephanie keeps you focused and guides to work out how you can tackle an issue or a problem, building more self-confidence."
    Senior Manager, February 2020
  • "Stephanie is very professional, compassionate and caring but also holds you to account and for me that’s the only way you will get results."
    AC, Banking, January 2020
  • "I always enjoy the sessions and I am noticeably more motivated and productive after each one."
    Senior leader, IT, January 2020
  • "Try it! I am a believer in sharing issues and talking to a 'qualified 3rd party' and my experience with Stephanie was very positive."
    Senior leader, Finance, January 2020
  • "It's an enlightening experience, and a very safe one, in skilfully guiding the conversation carefully to moments of real insight and revelation."
    Professor, January 2020

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