3rd November 2020

Letting go


Yesterday I was asked to reflect on Autumn and what it evoked. Normally I enjoy autumn – stunning leaves, mushrooms and toadstools, sunny, crisp days.

Yesterday though, it brought to mind “letting go”. Letting go of summer, of light mornings/evenings, the trees letting go of their leaves. Given the news at the weekend, it also felt like letting go of our hopes and plans for November. For me, this was a wedding, a trip to see family, a long-awaited brunch with a close friend.

I don’t want to let go of any of these things! But, just as the trees let go of their leaves in readiness for the buds in winter and spring, we need to let go of stuff to make space for new, different, interesting things.

We are hardwired to stay with the familiar. It feels safe, even if it’s not particularly comfortable or fulfilling. The unknown can feel scary. But the unknown also represents exploration, discovering new things, learning, stretching, growing. What’s possible when we let go of what we think we know, what we imagine or even who we/others expect us to be?

I don’t know what the new, different, interesting things will be. I would love to celebrate the wedding of two wonderful people and it’s hard to imagine something right now that could take its place but the hard truth is that the wedding is not happening in November and me wishing and wanting that to change is fruitless (and a massive waste of energy). Letting go means accepting what is and being open to what may be.

So, here’s to letting go; acknowledging that the breeze feels a little stronger and cooler because of it and knowing, deeply, intuitively that letting go gives us the space and freedom to explore and find the new.