23rd October 2022

Waiting for a sign?

Are you waiting for a sign?

Mine was hearing our CEO describe how he’d arranged for the flowerbeds on the roundabout outside our competitor’s office to be planted in our brand colours rather than theirs.

He thought it was hilarious and so did a large proportion of the audience judging by the noise and applause.

That was the sign which told me it was time to move on.

I didn’t quit (quietly or otherwise!) but it got me reflecting on all those other times I had felt something wasn’t quite right; moments I had shrugged off or rationalised or turned back on myself. “Maybe I’m not being clear, maybe they didn’t mean it that way, maybe I’m missing something.”

The signs had actually been there for a while.

Even though my job was good, the salary was competitive and my colleagues were great, the company wasn’t where I belonged any more.

Not all signs point to the Exit…..

Some signs are small and, taken in isolation, don’t seem like signs at all. Some may even give conflicting information! But signs are useful and, if you have questions about what’s going on for you and your next steps then they are worth taking some time to notice and understand them.

So, if you are waiting for a sign, maybe this is it.