16th December 2020

I want you to know this….


“I know my shit!”

Four words from a talented, experienced individual who has a very senior role in a large, respected organisation.

Four words which broke through the frustration she had been feeling. Frustration which had led her to question whether her abilities, talents and experience had value.

And it wasn’t directed at her colleagues, it was what she needed to hear.

It’s interesting because anyone else can see how exceptional she is and how her expertise is not only valuable but needed, particularly now.

But when you have a wobble/feel stuck/lose motivation/have a knock back it can make you question everything, even things you’ve known and trusted for years. It can also mean you focus on all the things that keep you questioning your value (a conversation, an email) rather than remembering your values, your knowledge and your experience.

If this sounds familiar, I want you to know you to know something;

You know your shit!

It is likely that you have got this far because you have natural strengths and talents as well as years of experience in many areas. This doesn’t mean you always get it right or that you are the finished article (always be learning!) but it does mean you have deep knowledge and understanding that is unique (yes, unique!) and valuable.

I have questioned myself many times. In the past, I’ve wallowed in self-doubt and imposter syndrome for ages, wasting time and energy and leaving me exhausted. Now though, questioning helps me improve what I do.

When I notice that my questions are dialing up my self-doubt, as they did a couple of weeks ago, I remember what I know and what I’ve achieved. I remember that I have value and I recognise that fear or self-doubt is normal and is calling me to do more, rather than less so I can tackle the questions and fears head on. I remember that I know my shit and so do you.