28th April 2021

Beautiful endings

Beautiful endings


How do you feel about endings?

In a coaching supervision* recently, I noticed that I have a slightly negative association with endings. My thoughts turn to relationships (personal and professional) that were; and are no longer. I recognise a discomfort, close to sadness and maybe a little frustration.

Endings mean something is no more. It is finished. It is over. It is done.

I find that kind of finality quite difficult to process.

I still remember feeling lost when Simon Mayo announced he was leaving the Radio 1 breakfast show.

I know.

[I also remember my neice sobbing when she heard Steps were splitting up; right after we’d bought her load of Steps “merch” for Christmas, of course!!]

And what about that feeling when you’re approaching the end of a series or box set you have loved and invested yourself in? This is Us, anyone? Line of Duty?

I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to let it go! What will I do with all the energy I’ve poured in to those characters and plot twists?

Trivial examples, I know, but these same thoughts and feelings about endings often pop up in coaching conversations about all sorts of subjects.

But we can’t avoid endings. They are necessary and important.

Trying to hold on to something too tight or for too long, is exhausting and often counter-productive!

So, what if you focused your energy in to designing a beautiful ending?

Creating space

Beautiful endings are possible because, when you are able to let go and acknowledge the value of endings, it creates space.

And you may choose to gently or purposefully fill that space with something new and different. Or you may choose to hold that space and keep it open. To breathe.

You choose. And that’s where the power is.

I’ll be reflecting more on beautiful endings over the next couple of weeks and seeing where I may be holding on too tight and where I can create space.

And I accept that Line of Duty will come to an end at the weekend and I will choose to celebrate the ending (as long as H doesn’t turn out to be……OK, no spoilers).

Where might you be holding on too tight? What space might be created if you designed a beautiful ending?


*coaching supervision is an important part of my professional development to make sure my “stuff”  (we all have it!) doesn’t get in the way of the work and I love it!